Supporters & Partners

Ekta Events has been generously supported with start up investment to enable the conceptualisation and development of the company.

Arts Council of Northern Ireland &
DCAL Creative Industries Innovation Fund

The Creative Industries Innovation Fund – run by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, with funding from the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure, and supported by Northern Ireland Screen and Digital Circle – provides assistance to companies working in craft, design, software, publishing, film and music at critical times in their business and product development.

Invest Northern Ireland
Social Entrepreneurship Programme

The four elements of the programme are all aimed at the promotion of sustainable models of business and provide capability support to allow organisations to set up and develop businesses with the potential of start up, growth or export development. The programme involves a package of assistance to help groups develop their business plan, the potential for financial assistance towards start-up costs, start up capability advice and aftercare during the first year of trading.

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