Fronted by Zimbabwean born singer & percussionist Wilson Magwere, the band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland several years ago. Since then they have been performing everywhere from civic events to international music festivals, private parties, local venues and have even found time to facilitate drum workshops with various community groups. Their music is primarily influenced by Zimbabwean rebel music, but there are elements of funk, reggae & trance also present in the mix. The result is comparable to Indian music (or even early Stooges) where hypnotic beats and basslines revolve around a single choral centre and form the foundation for a vertical colour of sound generated by guitar, keyboard and flashes of djembe.

Balkan Alien Sound


Ah, the Balkans! Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Derry, Donegal… Eh?! Thanks to the prowess of a certain bunch of Irish musicians, we can - for this ...weekend at least - extend the boundaries of the Balkans to include the north-west corner of Ireland. Collectively answering to the name of Balkan Alien Sound, they’re a squad of musicians of different persuasions (folkies, jazzers, bluesmen, classical players) all corralled into this celebration of gypsy and klezmer music by bouzouki player/Balkans nut Martin Coyle. And terrific they are too, all spiralling violins, melodious accordions and various stringed instruments - but with the added attraction of the solid groove provided by bass and drums. Close your eyes and you’d believe you were listening to the real thing. Let Balkan Alien Sound be your ticket to a destination somewhat east of here, all without having to endure the airline food or the impolite man in seat 42B.

ArtsEkta Fusion Band


Stunning musical compilations combined with sounds from across the globe, the band features the Indian Tabla, Sitar and vocals, the African Djembe and vocals, and the Irish Bodhran. The band can come in many different arrangements whether it is the full set up, or simply a solo artist. They provide a unique sound experience transporting audiences on a literal journey across the globe.

Ibuki Taiko


Ibuki Taiko was founded by Derry woman, Fiona Umetsu, in 2010. Fiona studied Taiko drumming in Tokyo from 1996-2000 and has been trying ever since to find a way to introduce this wonderful drumming to people here in Northern Ireland. Ibuki means 'breath' in Japanese. It holds connotations of revigoration, of breathing new life into something - exactly what Ibuki Taiko dreams of doing for the art of Taiko in Northern Ireland.

Carrickmannon Traditional Group


Traditional Irish Music group, from Carrickmannon area of Co Down. The group is made up of fiddle, flute, bodhrán and whistle players. They are regular competitors and winners at the All Ireland Fleadh. Recently, they have come together with Indian musicians to create spectacular fusion pieces reflecting both Indian and Irish songs.



Ekta Events can provide a range of tailor made music workshops for all age ranges and to meet different aims whether it be team building or to increase cultural awareness. The current music workshops we offer are:

• African Djembe drumming
• Irish bodhrán drumming
• Japanese Taiko drumming
• Indian Tabla drumming

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