Engage your participants in a fantastic, high quality cultural
learning experience with an opportunity to explore traditional
folk arts from across the globe.

A One World Day takes place during a full day and is delivered by a group of 10-14 people comprised of professional artists and cultural facilitators from across the world. During the day, the children/young people from each year group participate in short introductory arts and cultural workshops with artists and cultural facilitators from Africa, Bulgaria, the Czech and Slovak republics, China, Colombia, Denmark, India, Ireland, Japan, Libya, Pakistan, Poland and the Ukraine. They will create a beautiful Indian Rangoli painting for their group; learn how to make Japanese origami, Columbian Pinata and Polish paper art pieces. They will learn briefly about the countries where the artists where born, practice writing in Hindi, Chinese and Japanese, dance Polish Folk dances and take part in African and Irish drumming workshops.

"Holy Family Primary School invited Ekta Events to give children experiences of other cultures and traditions via a One World Day. The children learned so much within a relaxed and fun environment where learning was enriched and enhanced. There was a true spectacle of colour, taste and smell and movement which was enjoyed by staff and pupils alike."

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