Ireland’s first professional platform for South Asian dance

Preserving the Traditional, Facilitating the Contemporary

The South Asian Dance Academy (SADA) works to encourage engagement and participation in traditional and contemporary South Asian dance. The academy works with a diverse group of freelance dancers with varying skills, discipline areas, genres of focus and levels of experience.

These talented people and inspiring artists are at the heart of what we do.

Telling a Story

South Asian dance encompasses dance forms originating from the Indian subcontinent and developing in the diaspora. Each dance features expressional movement and storytelling. SADA can offer the following dance styles:

Bollywood / Filmi

A routine of old and modern dance. Very energetic and an ideal way to keep fit. This type of dance can be used at discos and parties and is seen being performed in Asian films.


Bharatanatyam is a classical dance style that originates from South India, but which is now very much a transnational art form. It is performed primarily in a deep plié position (‘aramandi’) and involves a lot of vigorous movement and footwork


Kathak is a classical dance style originally from the north of India and present day Pakistan, but now, as with Bharata Natyam is practised and performed internationally. The form is performed mainly in an upright position, with legs straight and involves a lot of fast, rhythmic footwork combined with flowing arm movements and fast spins.


SADA are available for booking for your event or for workshops and can tailor to suit your specific needs. Alternatively if you have a specific idea and would like to commission us please email or telephone 028 9023 1381.

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